Anxiety is draining, depleting and defeating. 


You have the power to live a beautiful life of purpose, productivity and bad-assery. I'll show you how.

-Suzanne Orlando, LCSW (The Anxiety Alchemist) 
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Do You Struggle To Balance Your Priorities Between Your Career, Personal and Family Life, Leaving You Anxiety Ridden?

You DO NOT deserve to wrestle with this ONE MORE DAY!  Discover the hidden keys to your PEACE and ABUNDANCE even if you feel like your anxiety has taken over your life and business.

Do You Avoid Those Difficult, But Necessary, Professional And Personal Conversations?

Fear and avoidance may feel safe in the moment, but leads to negative self talk and self doubt, which can keep you playing small and therefore feeling unfulfilled. Learn the secret formula to unearthing strategies to stand in your power and unlock your badass-ery.

Are You Ready To Find Your Purpose?

You don't just have one purpose.  You have several and discovering these purposes will empower you to be the  self-expressed, badass you were born to be. Create the roadmap to living in your authentic calling.

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Discover the REAL 5 Reasons Anxiety Has It's Claws (and I bet you've never heard before)!

"I decided to invest in working with Suzanne in the Redefine Your Purpos(es) program, because of her credentials and her overall positive demeanor. She is an exceptional person that I’ve gotten to know personally and felt very comfortable trying this program with her. It was a true example of trusting who you know combined with an opportunity knocking at my door. It truly was a chance to help better myself in a low stakes environment with someone who is well established in the area. She is extremely calm to listen to, highly approachable, and knowledgeable. Suzanne has been a gift to my life not only from knowing her personally, but because of the strategies she’s shared with me. A tangible shift I made since being coached by Suzanne have included a clear reduction of anxiety attacks and feelings of helplessness or sheer panic. The strategies she provided were simple and easily incorporated into my daily life. The biggest victory I have celebrated since graduating from Suzanne’s program is my ability to deescalate myself before getting stuck in a loop. She has helped me recognize the things in my life that are in my control and not in my control and how I choose to react or embrace an uncomfortable situation. "

Erica Cohen
Teacher and Business Owner

"Suzanne has the sheer desire to help people and push them to uncover their greatest potential and see all the good within themselves. Suzanne continues to help me think and dig deep, unlock the truth about what is stopping me from getting to the next level, making me confront my fears, tackle them head on, and truly step back and think bout things differently. I am beyond thankful for her and all she does to inspire me to be the best that I can be."

Christine Piccirillo

"Since completing my program with Suzanne, I am recognizing that little things can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Going up to my bed room and seeing the bed made just changes my whole perspective of how I started my day on a positive note even if it changes throughout the day I physically see the bed and get reminded that I have accomplished something today. I am trying to take the focus off of others and making myself happy with what I have. Simple changes make you feel like you have achieved something."

Dawn B.

"The return flight home was a lot better than the first flight , thanks to the tips and advice I learned from the 1:1 coaching I received from the Redefine Your Purpos(es) program. I kept repeating what Suzanne taught me, in my head, during takeoff. I even sat at the window seat and enjoyed the landing, I'm ready to fly someplace else now."

Kait Deming

"I have been a part of Suzanne’s social media circle for a few years now. Her content always resonated with me. As someone who has a lifelong struggle with anxiety, but a very bad taste in my mouth for traditional psychotherapy and medications, I found her no BS attitude and candid approach to anxiety “hacks” both refreshing and non invasive. Suzanne’s course helped me to immediately gain some control over my routine and, consequently, my brain. I implemented her first step which took literally 15 minutes and set me up for successful, productive days. I still use it, and I’m still thriving in that regard. Since starting Suzanne’s program, I’ve decided to start my own business. It’s a lofty goal in the midst of all this unknown, but if there is one thing Suzanne has taught me it is that I am the one in control of my life, my thoughts and therefore my future. Suzanne has been an incredible support, mentor, and friend through this experience. She is thoughtful, kind and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her as the person to walk you through your own journey with anxiety. You will not be disappointed. "

Alyssa C.
Personal Trainer

"Suzanne participated in a Health & Wellness panel discussion for our company, American Express, and was a pleasure to work with. She was extremely professional and provided valuable information to all of our 200+ attendees. Suzanne offered information in a digestible and approachable format, providing great tips and tricks to help people manage their anxiety and stress. Given the current environment, this was an extremely important discussion and Suzanne was able to share tips that were easy to implement and relevant to everyone. Suzanne made it evident that you don’t need to make a huge, often overwhelming, change in your life to better manage your stress and anxiety. Instead, you can make small changes – such as remembering to do something for yourself each and every day! Additionally, she emphasized that we need to lower our expectations, and that we need to recognize we are enough. Thanks Suzanne for inspiring and sharing your very relatable perspective! "

Julie DeMarco

"Suzanne and the anxiety alchemy academy helped me realize that I have more control over my thoughts and actions. We all have our own struggles - sharing them among a group of strong individuals was comforting and rewarding. Learning coping skills from Suzanne has helped me to be more productive without the mental clutter. Suzanne has a down to earth and practical approach which is simply awesome! "

Julie M.

"Meeting Suzanne is the catalyst that changed my life. She helped me unlock the wall I had built up against abundance. Suzanne offers digestible, actionable steps, to undo limiting beliefs. I never used to believe in the power of manifestations, but because I love and respect Suzanne, i was open minded to her insight. Her guidance shifted my mindset to not only see opportunities, but act on them. As a result of my work with Suzanne, the opportunities have not stopped. Thankfully, with Suzanne's help, I learned to ground myself when I feel overwhelmed, while still accepting the abundance."

Caroline Geraghty
Digital Creator

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